​"Earn Your Stripes" Junior inline skating programme

​The UK Inline Skating Association piloted the Earn Your Stripes (EYS) programme in April 2015. Regular sessions are now being operated by Zebra Skate in London.
EYS takes skaters from waddling Duck level to pouncing Tiger with a couple of Zebras, Foxes and Kangaroos thrown in along the way. Participants get a free 'Earn Your Stripes' booklet and a sticker each time they master a new skating manuevre.

The teaching programme is also aligned with Key Stage and 'I Can' skills in the national curriculum set out by the Department for Eduation (DfE). We are grateful to TES Connect for the invaluable and plentiful resources on their site in helping us create this programme. Note that skating exercises that require application of strategic thinking not only offer a solid foundation in skating technique but may progress the EYS programme from after school to 'during school', a primary aim of the programme.

With childhood obesity levels tripling in the last 25 years (BUPA health) a fun activity is also a good way to prevent what some describe as the 'ticking time bomb' of future obesity related ailments. Inline skating sessions are an effective way to burn calories, tone muscles and improve cardio fitness both in and away from structured skating sessions. Cross related sports such as skiing, water-skiing and ice-skating all use a similar skill set to inline skating.

The programme is available to all instructors qualified with the UK Inline Skating Assocaition.
The next Teaching Training course takes place in London on 22-24 May 2015