​UKISA qualified instructors and organisations

​Citiskate London  Inline skating group and individual classes and weekend trips

Thierstein's London skating - inline skating lessons in Greenwich and Docklands

Kids skating and skateboarding lessons in London - Zebra skate London holiday camps

​Social skating in the UK

​Group skates are usually an informal get together of skaters and depending on the type of event they may involve skating on the road. Remember 'CLASS'. Full protective gear is recommended and ensure you skate to within your ability levels. Always read the guidelines on each website and remember the information contained on them may sometimes be incorrect or out of date.

Updated: 15 May 2017

Falkirk Friday Night Skate - Falkirk Facebook page
Glasgow skate (check site) www.TrySkating.com
London Friday night skate www.theFNS.com
London Saturday skate www.EasyPeasySkate.com
London Sunday skate www.Rollerstroll.com
London Wednesday night skate (Summer only) www.LondonSkate.co.uk
Nottingham Tuesday Night Skate: Notts TNS

​Skate shops

Decathlon, Birmingham, London, Nottingham, Romford

London Skate Centre, Bayswater, London

Slick Willies, Kensington, London

Loco Skates - Eastbourne

​Web resources

​Kathie Fry's guide to inline skating and associated disciplines, a wealth of information for all skaters www.SkateLog.com

Cheryl George's comprehensive link-based site for inline skating with campaigns, articles and a calendar of events www.InlineNow.com

Robert Burson's news and article based site for recreational, speed and industry news www.InlinePlanet.com

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