​Teacher Training - Instructor Development Programme (IDP)

The IDP course from UKISA was developed from the ice skating and skiing instructor instructor qualification courses as there is a strong correlation in skills between these three sports.  It is supported by high quality resources and taught by examiners with at least 10 years experience of delivering course content.

​IDP 1

​Instructor Development Programme Level 1 - Teach beginner to intermediate level skaters

​IDP 2

​Instructor Development Programme Level 2 - Teach intermediate to advanced level skaters

IDP1 is a largely practical course delivered mostly outdoors and designed to teach beginner level skaters. It is also the only course that qualifies skaters to teach the Earn Your Stripes kids skating programme.

It can

  • ​Increase your marketability, allowing you to work in parks and sports centres
  • ​Improve your professional public profile
  • ​Open more doors to work with youth groups and schools.
  • ​Enable you to command higher rates*

​Course summary

​We think opinions from previous courses attendees provide the best feedback

" My skating improved more in two days than it did in the past two years despite skating every week"

" The best advice I could give to someone planning on doing this course is learn the theory in the workbook in advance of the course weekend and work on advanced skills. Then use the weekend to concentrate on teaching skills"

" I must admit I was not a fan of the theory - it was too technical in my opinion. However, i did learn a lot of new teaching skills despite teaching skating at a skating club for over 10 years"

"Great fun. The teaching model used in the course can be used to teach pretty much any sport. I've used it to teach my nephew how to use his penny board!"

​Available Courses

  •     IDP1: 12-13 Sep 2020
  •     IDP1: 1-2 May 2020

Additional courses and locations will be announced when available. If you would like to be added to our waiting list for future courses, please send your full name, contact details and postcode to info@ukisa.org

​Courses content

​The instructor course prepares you to teach absolute beginner level skaters to intermediate (IDP 1) or advanced level (IDP 2). In addition it is the only course that licenses you to teach the Earn Your Stripes skating programme

Your course fee includes:

  • Examination fee.
  • Two-day training from examiners with min. 10 years experience delivering this programme.
  • Small class size: a maximum of eight skaters per examiner.
  • Workbooks that can be used in real world teaching environments.
  • 24 months UKISA license with access to discounted teaching insurance.
  • Individual further training / teaching recommendations.

​Testing methods

​The course contains three methods of testing;

  • Skating skills ( teaching / advanced technique)
  • Written test, mainly multiple choice
  • Teaching examination.

​Course objectives

  • ​Introduction to the International Standard of Inline Skating.
  • Risk assessment of venues and environments
  • Lesson planning and modification
  • Motivating students in a lesson
  • Group v's individual teaching dynamics
  • Professional v Fun skew in lessons
  • One to one feedback from experienced examiner

​Course pre-requisites

  • You are at least 12 years of age.
  • You are a regular skater, who is confident gliding, stopping and turning at speed.
  • You have skates with a heel brake as well as a helmet, wrist, knee and elbow pads.


​To register for the next course please contact us with the following

1. Full name
2. Address
3. Contact telephone number
4. Dates of the course you wish to attend
5. Why would you like to do the course? (min 200 words)
6. Preferred payment method. The course cost is £285
(Paypal / Credit / Debit card / Bank transfer)

​*Since 2002 UKISA instructors have commanded among the highest rates in the industry for their instructional services when compared with those not holding a UKISA qualification.